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Books2Go Card Activation

If you opted in to get a library account during the DISD online registration process and you don’t already have a Denton Public Library card, you can now activate your card.
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Get a Library Card

A full service Denton Public Library card allows Denton residents to check out library materials, access electronic databases from the library and home, download or stream electronic media and e-books. Applicants must provide proof that they reside within the city limits of the City of Denton and verify their identify. Adult college students who reside in dorms in the city limits of the City of Denton also qualify. The parent or legal guardian who applies for a card for their child cannot have a Denton Public Library Card in collection status.

Denton Public Library cardholders, who are in good standing, are eligible to apply for a TexShare pass to borrow materials at other participating library systems.

A card is in good standing if it has no current fines and the address and contact information on the card is correct.

Denton Residents

To apply for a Denton Public Library Card, complete an application and present it in person at the circulation desk of any Denton Public Library with a current photo I.D. and proof of your current residence address. Residents of the City of Denton are eligible for a free library card.

Children (17 years of age and younger) can get cards, if their parent or guardian signs the application, but must be present at the time the card is issued.

Acceptable Photo ID

  • Driver's license, temporary Texas driver's license or learner's permit (with additional photo ID)
  • Texas Department of Public Safety ID
  • Passport
  • Resident Alien Registration Card
  • Military, school, or employee photo ID and Social Security Card (if available)
  • International Driver's Permit
  • Mexican Consular

Acceptable Proof of Current Address in Your Name

  • Driver's license, temporary Texas Driver's license or learner's permit
  • Texas Department of Public Safety ID
  • Personalized check, savings passbook, bank or credit union statement
  • Utility deposit receipt or utility bill
  • Current credit card bill
  • Voter's registration or notarized temporary voter's registration permit
  • Vehicle registration or liability insurance
  • Official rent receipt; rental agreement, contract, or lease
  • Mail postmarked within the last 30 days (if none of the above is available)


If you live outside of Denton city limits, you can purchase a card for $50 annually or $25 for 6 months.
Frequently Asked Questions about the non-resident fee for library cards

You may also get a Technology Cards for free that will only allow you to access the public computers.

If you live in the city limits of Denton, are 18 or older and have never had a Denton Public Library card, you're eligible for an eCard. eCards are temporary cards that last 60 days and give you access to the online resources available through the Denton Public Library website until you can get to a Library location to upgrade to a full service card which allows you to check out physical items as well as access online resources.

Use your eCard to check out eBooks, eAudiobooks, and access our online resources.

To check out physical materials or reserve a library computer, you can convert your eCard to a full service card by visiting any Denton Public Library location and showing photo ID and proof of Denton residency.

Frequently Asked Questions about eCards

Check your eligibility

Enter your zip code below to see if you are eligible for an eCard:

A Youth Courtesy Card allows children and teens (ages birth-17) who live outside Denton city limits to check out Denton Public Library materials and access library computers, online resources, and downloadable resources.

To apply for a Youth Courtesy Card, a parent or legal guardian must complete an application and present it in person at the accounts desk of any Denton Public Library with a current photo I.D. The youth applicant must also be present at the time the card is issued. The applicant is required to have a parent or legal guardian sign the library card application to show acceptance of responsibility for materials checked out on the card.

The card allows the borrower to check out three items, place three holds, use library public computers, access online resources, and download ebooks and digital audiobooks.

Books2Go Card Activation

If you opted in to get your student a Denton Public Library Books2Go account during Denton ISD school registration and your student does not already have a Denton Public Library card, submit this Books2Go Account Activation Form or call the library, (940) 349-8752, to activate your student’s Books2Go account.

Once activated, your student’s Denton ISD ID number works as their library card number. Students can access online resources, place holds, check out books and ebooks, and use library computers.

An account PIN is automatically set up to be the last 4 digits of the student ID number. The PIN is necessary to check accounts online, place holds online, or access certain online resources and databases. Students can change their PIN by logging into their account and going to My Settings or calling the library at (940) 349-8752.


Denton Public Library partners with Denton ISD to provide access to library resources and services to Denton ISD students through the Books2Go program.

Parents and legal guardians have the option to sign up their Denton ISD student for a Denton Public Library account as part of the school registration process. This account is only for students who do not already have a Denton Public Library account.

The Books2Go student account provides the same services as the Denton Public Library Youth Courtesy Card.
Students can:

  • Check out up to three items at a time (including books, movies, Discovery Kits, and more)
  • Place up to three item holds at a time
  • Use the library public computers
  • Download ebooks and digital audiobooks
  • Access most of Denton Public Library online resources including:
    • Brainfuse Homework Help, which offers daily live tutoring for students 3rd grade to college as well as test prep materials
    • Gale in Context, which offers research resources for homework and reports for elementary, middle and high school students
    • Mango, a language learning tool that provides lessons in over 70 languages

Books2Go student accounts use the student’s Denton ISD student ID number as their Denton Public Library account number. Students only need their student ID number to use Denton Public Library resources.

Parents or legal guardians who register a student for a Books2Go account do not have to submit an additional application to the Denton Public Library. Opting in to the Books2Go account as part of the Denton ISD registration is the Denton Public Library account application. The account is not active until the parent or legal guardian completes the Books2Go Activation Form or contact the library to activate the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already completed the Denton ISD school registration and didn’t opt into the Books2Go program?

Visit any Denton Public Library facility to get your child a full-service card (if you live in Denton) or a youth courtesy card (if you are outside city limits). Both cards are free. Be sure to opt in for the Books2Go account when completing your student’s school registration next year.

What if I already have a DPL card? Can I connect it to my student ID number?

Right now, we are unable to add a student ID number to a DPL account. We are working with our software provider to find an option for this in the future.

When does my Books2Go account expire?

Activated Books2Go accounts expire annually at the end of August. Student accounts that were activated in the previous year and re-opted in are automatically activated in the new school year. First-time Books2Go accounts can be activated when Denton Public Library receives account information from the schools, usually around September 1.

I’m an educator with Denton ISD, can I participate in Books2Go too?

The Books2Go program is currently for students only. We are looking into options for Denton ISD employee Books2Go accounts. Follow Denton Public Library on social media or visit this website later this fall to learn about updates.

Denton ISD employees can get a free DPL card if they live in Denton. Denton ISD employees who live outside city limits may purchase an annual non-resident card.

What library card options do homeschool and private school students have?

Books2Go account registration is integrated into the Denton ISD school registration system and for Denton ISD students who do not already have a Denton Public Library account. Homeschool or private school students living in Denton are eligible for a free full-service Denton Public Library account. Non-Denton ISD students living outside Denton are eligible for a free Youth Courtesy account with the same services and privileges as the Books2Go Denton ISD Student Account. Select a different account type above to see more details.