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Nonresident Fee FAQ

Do I have to pay?
Residents living outside of Denton, who do not own property in the City of Denton, will be required to pay $50 annually for a full access library card. Cards will be valid for one year from the purchase date and are non-refundable. Residents also have the option of purchasing a full access card for $25 that will be good for 6 months.
Why does Denton do this?
The decision to implement the non-resident fee was made as the population of Denton and library usage continued to increase while the library budget did not. In past years, the Denton Public Library received outside funding in addition to tax revenue collected by the City of Denton, and was therefore able to provide materials, service and staff levels to support heavier usage. Most of that additional state and county funding is no longer received, and City of Denton residents pay 95% of Denton Public Library’s annual costs through their city tax bill (fines, fees and donations cover the remaining 5%). The goal has always been to provide the best service possible to library patrons, but budget reality dictates that we are not able to offer free service to all residents of Denton County.
Doesn’t the State of Texas provide funding for libraries?
In prior years, Denton Public Library received state aid from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission ($45,375 in 2011) however, recent budget changes to TSLAC eliminated this funding. The Denton Public Library receives no funding from Denton County.
I thought libraries were “public places” – why does it cost money?
It does not cost to visit the three Denton library branches, use the public computers or attend any of our programs. The public is welcome to visit the library and make use of materials; however, a library card (resident or non-resident) is necessary to check out materials.
How do I pay?
Pay at the library with cash, check or credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards. You may also call the Denton Public Library at 940-349-8752 to pay for renewals over the phone.
I pay taxes to DISD - why do I have to pay for a library card?
Denton ISD and the City of Denton are separate taxing entities and do not share funding. All property owners within Denton ISD’s boundaries pay tax to the school district to cover the cost of educating students. Property owners within the incorporated limits of the City of Denton pay a separate tax amount to cover the costs of police and fire service, infrastructure, parks & recreation, libraries, and many other services. Visit your city’s website for more information about your city tax.
I own property in Denton, but reside in a different city - am I eligible for a free library card?
Yes. You are eligible for a free library card fee if you live in or own property in the City of Denton.
I work in Denton, but live in a different city - am I eligible for a free library card?
The library card fee is based on city of residence, not work location. If you live outside the city the nonresident fee of $50 will apply.
I am living in Denton temporarily - am I eligible for a free library card?
Patrons with proof of Denton residency will be issued free library cards. The Denton Public Library also offers library cards for those living in shelters or temporary housing facilities.
I do not live in Denton but am a Denton student (or teacher) - am I eligible for a free library card?
The library card fee is based on your current city of residence. If you live outside the city the non-resident fee of $50 will apply.
I live at a UNT or TWU dorm –am I eligible for a card?
Yes. Dorm residents will need to bring in proof of residency.
I recently moved – will my resident or non-resident status change?
Residents moving out of Denton will need to pay the fee prior to the next checkout. Residents moving to Denton will be considered residents when their annual non-resident card renews, however, the fee paid prior to moving is non-refundable. In other words, there will not be a pro-rated refund of any annual fee upon moving mid-year to Denton.
I’m from out of town – can I use a Denton library?
Denton Public Library will issue a free Technology Card for computer access only (no material checkout) to visitors residing outside of the City of Denton. The Technology Card will expire in one year and need to be updated to be renewed.
I have a Texshare card – can I use a Denton library?
Denton Public Library accepts Texshare cards from Texshare participating libraries. Texshare cards can check out 3 items and place three holds. The cards are not valid to access the internet databases or the downloadable e-books.

eCard FAQ

If I already have a full service card do I need an eCard?
No, your full service card will allow you to access the same online services. If you have any additional questions please call Denton Public Library at (940) 349-8752 or e-mail us at
Who can apply for a Library eCard?
Denton residents who've never had a Denton Public Library card and only want to use the Library’s online services may apply for an eCard.
When will I get my eCard?
You will receive your eCard number by e-mail within two business days after the application has been submitted. Your card will then be put in the mail and sent to you at the address provided.
How long is my card good for?
Your eCard will expire after 60 days. You can renew it for one year and convert it into a full service card at any Denton Public Library location. You will just need to bring in a picture ID and proof of residency in Denton.
What services can I use with my eCard?
Use your eCard to:
  • Check out eBooks, eAudiobooks and more: (links….)
    • eBooks from CloudLibrary and Hoopla
    • audiobooks from CloudLibrary and Hoopla
    • music and video from Hoopla
  • Use online resources such as Brainfuse,, Pronunciator and Fold3.
What services are not available with my eCard?
You must convert your eCard to a full service card to:
  • Check out physical materials
  • Put physical materials on hold
  • Request an interlibrary loan item
You can convert your Library eCard to a full service card at any Denton Public Library location. A current, valid ID with your name, photo and a Denton address is required.
What if I lose my card number?
Request your eCard number by sending an email to from the email address you used to create your eCard.